22 November 2021

Atlantic salmon: How I introduce an absolute beginner to salmon fishing

In my eyes, and those of many others, the Atlantic salmon is regarded as the King of Fish and is the ultimate prize for many anglers, myself included. They’re an anadromous fish species, meaning...more

2 November 2021

Fishy Business – From Talking Game, Summer 2021

With wild Atlantic salmon numbers continuing to fall and salmon farms attracting more bad press than sea lice, Jane Pruden talks to fly fishing instructor and industry ambassador, Marina Gibson about...more

11 October 2021

Cast & Blast: Mother & Daughter | Fieldsports Journal

I’m lucky that I share the same passion as my mother. Some would say I have even followed in her footsteps as she has been fly fishing since her early 20s and tickling trout, gudgeon and bullheads...more

27 April 2020

5 ways to improve your fishing skills during isolation

1. Accuracy practice (preferably outdoors to avoid breakages!): Place the targets in a range of distances and positions (straight ahead, left & right). If you don’t have outside space don’t...more

8 January 2020

The White Hart, Stockbridge: Fullers Hotel Review

Stockbridge is home away from home. I find myself there every summer during the warmer months and have built fond memories over the last five years fishing beautiful gin clear chalk streams. My...more

2 April 2019

Flylords – ‘5050 On The Water’ IWD Event

The 50/50 program hosts worldwide fishing events, talks and experiences. Promoting fishing so we can continue to see an increase in female participation....more

30 January 2019

To Slovenia for Marbles (Fieldsports Magazine)

Lisa Isles and I set off to Slovenia to fish the Soca River and its tributaries in search of the elusive marble trout other fish that live there....more

30 January 2019

Why fishing? (Fieldsports Magazine)

Some people prefer to lounge on the sofa, whilst others might go for a run. My release is fishing. Here's why I devote so much of my time to fishing......more

17 September 2018

Tenderstem®: Adventures on Your Doorstep

Marina and Sedge embark on a Tenderstem® 'Adventures on your Doorstep' day out in Cumbria....more

8 August 2018

Lake District – Fishing for answers

Sarah Roberts (Eco-journalist & Naturalist) & Marina Gibson (Professional Angler) discuss the potential impact of plastic pollution on the Lake District....more

21 January 2018

Fieldsports Magazine re: The London Fly Fishing Fair

The inaugural London Fly Fishing Fair. Fieldsports Magazine interview with Marina Gibson....more

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