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Helping people living with Cancer connect with both the natural world & each another.

The Cancer & Pisces Trust is a cancer charity that aims to enhance the lives of cancer sufferers through the therapeutic pastime of Angling.

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The Cancer and Pisces Trust is a club for people living with cancer, and their carers to allow them to benefit from the well-documented therapy of fishing.

‘Cancer and Pisces’, the memoir of Mick May – who was himself diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 – was released by Quiller Publishing in 2020, and tells the story of his life since diagnosis, and how his love of fishing has helped his his survival.

After releasing his memoirs, Mick partnered with well-known fishing entrepreneur, coach and guide, Marina Gibson and a Team of Trustees, and have now launched two angling clubs, the first at the award-winning Swinton Park Hotel in North Yorkshire, and the second at Holbury Fishery, in Hampshire.

The Cancer and Pisces Trust offers a drop in centre where people living with cancer and a companion can attend once a month and go fishing, for a low cost, high impact aid to their mental and physical wellbeing.Trust

Cancer & Pisces Trust
Cancer and Pisces Trust

The Cancer and Pisces Trust’s main aim is to provide a space where those who have been recently diagnosed are able to seek support by talking with other cancer sufferers about their feelings when they were first told about their condition.

Secondly, clinical trials have shown that fishing has therapeutic benefits, helping to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, whilst increasing resilience and self esteem as well as the ability to cope with adversity.

The Cancer and Pisces Trust is a registered charity #1195567.

Cancer and Pisces Trust Newsletter

Cancer and Pisces Trust’s Latest newsletter is out now, containing all the latest about the 2022 season so far, events and a tribute to member Nicky Swan, who sadly passed away in June.

Cancer and Pisces Monthly Newsletter

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

In 2021, Mick and Marina spoke to the comedians and keen anglers Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer about Cancer and Pisces, and Mick’s journey since his Cancer diagnosis.

“Anyone who has watched ‘Gone Fishing’ will know that we’re both great believers in the health benefits of angling. When we heard about Marina and Mick’s plans for a fishing club for cancer sufferers we wanted to hear more and invited them to join us for the day. We loved meeting them both and we wish them and their wonderful charity every success”

The episode was broadcast on BBC2 on Sunday 26th September 2021. Watch it here.

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