7 October 2022

Marina Gibson – founder of the Northern Fishing School – is determined to introduce as many people as possible to the magic of the sport

Having spent a childhood on the river bank, Marina Gibson has now founded the Northern Fishing School to introduce as many people as possible to the sport and it’s enormous physical and mental...more

12 September 2022

Learn to Fly Fish with Marina Gibson on the Fieldcraft App

Founder of The Northern Fishing School, Marina Gibson has created an online course to give anyone the opportunity to learn fly fishing in a pressure-free environment, wherever you are and whenever you...more

6 September 2022

Cancer and Pisces Trust: Monthly Newsletter

The Cancer and Pisces Trust (C&P) formally launched with its first event on the 3rd May 2022 and we cannot believe how quickly time flies. It has been almost eighteen months since the late Mick...more

3 May 2022

Fly fishing in the Seychelles

Marina Gibson makes a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Seychelles to experience its diverse range of wildlife & try to land giant trevally and parrotfish Farquhar Atoll is the most southerly atoll...more

13 April 2022

Trout fishing in Patagonia

If you had to think of the top 3 places in the world to go fishing for wild trout, Patagonia would most likely be one of them. The Trout fishing in Patagonia is truly incredible. Whilst travelling...more

31 March 2022

5 Successful Fall Stillwater Flies

A few weeks ago, I visited a Stillwater and before the trip I thought it would be a good idea to stock up on stillwater flies (you can never have too many flies!). As they say, flies catch the...more

21 March 2022

Saltwater Fishing Tips

If you are preparing for your first saltwater trip it’s useful to know what you need to practice beforehand. This is because the more efficient your casting is, the more effective you will be at...more

21 March 2022

Anchored outdoors podcast: Marina Gibson on a passion for teaching

In this episode of the Anchored podcast – hosted by renowned angler April Vokey where she talks with some of the outdoor world’s most influential people – April is joined by Marina in...more

20 January 2022

ESOX Scotland Article: Edition 80, April 2021

It has always been important for me, since I’ve turned fishing into a lifelong career, to have what I call a ‘hobby fish’ and one of them is pike (Esox Lucius). My hobby fish are species...more

7 January 2022

Fly fishing for beginners

If you’ve ever admired the elegant, precise art of fly fishing, you might be planning to try the sport for yourself when the world opens up again. It’s natural to feel a little self-conscious when...more

15 December 2021

Austria: Spontaneous fishing trip with Fly Fishing Nation

Whilst every destination angler, family and outdoor enthusiast begins to scan the horizon for a late notice getaway, most travellers are looking for somewhere that is accessible, inexpensive and...more

1 December 2021

How to be efficient and eco-friendly this season

Flowering trees and shrubs, rhythmic drumming of the woodpecker and newborn lambs playing in the pasture, are all a sure sign that spring has arrived. These natural wonders are also the calling for...more

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