Guided fishing

Fishing tuition and bespoke guided fishing trips with Marina Gibson both in the UK and abroad.

Guided fishing can be a fun day out and a great way of meeting new friends.

If you’re looking for a tailor made fishing trip/day, simply choose your country, budget, species, travel & level and Marina can help create the perfect experience for you.

What happens on a guided fishing day?

Guided fishing dayGuided fishing course
Health & safety awareness✔✔
Games & activities✔
Casting tutorials✔✔
Fish welfare✔✔
How to read water✔✔
Aquatic fly life✔✔
How to set up rod, reel, line & flies✔✔
Exclusive prices on specific Orvis fishing equipment & clothing✔✔

What will I need to bring with me on a guided fishing day?

  1. A fishing licence – please visit
  2. Wellies & waders – if you don’t have any please contact for assistance
  3. Eye protection – If you don’t have or can’t borrow polaroid sunglasses don’t worry. They do help you to see beneath the surface glare but any sunglasses will serve to protect your eyes from a flailing fish hook which is just as important.
  4. Hat – For a fishing hat, wear any hat that will keep a bit of the sun off you on a hot day or keep the rain out of your eyes on a wet one.
  5. A good attitude and, if you don’t, trust me you’ll be leaving with one!